Bing's Landing Saved!

Victory at Bing’s Landing. Our efforts paid off!

From the June 17, 2019 Board of County Commissioners meeting (on YouTube here)

County Administrator's statement: "My instructions from the last meeting were to do this evaluation, and if the building could be made to fulfill the life of the lease and beyond, to do so. If it came in at less than the 50% valuation, based on those instructions, I will continue down that path. We will have to get some design work done. We will have work with the tenant to deal with the periods when the building could not be used for normal functions during construction, so it will be a little while before we can actually do the repairs. But we will move it as fast as possible."

More in June 18 News Journal and June 16 FlaglerLive


• Bing’s Landing was purchased with your taxpayer supported Environmentally Sensitive Land dollars, FCT & FIND grant & matching funds from The National Scenic Byway (FDOT), to preserve access to the waterway, protect the natural habitat and for public recreation.

• The County was considering allowing Captain’s BBQ to expand by building a 150 seat 5,200 SF restaurant with a full bar in the park. Captain’s has already expanded 3 times from 40 seats 1500 SF in ‘11 to 100 seats 4,200 SF in ’16. Parking for Captain’s already consumes 50% of he available public parking. Taxpayers may be responsible for additional infrastructure costs if a sewer connection is run and parking is increased.

• Public pressure has caused the County to reconsider. We would like to see Captain’s stay the same size & seating capacity and in the same location. Let’s not turn Bing’s into a small park with a large restaurant. Help us protect the environment and this historic site for future generations to enjoy.

Bing's Landing was purchased with Environmentally Sensitive Taxpayer Funds in 1989 for the public's access to the Intracoastal for boating and waterside recreation, not to operate a large restaurant in competition with local businesses. There are already 9 other places to eat and 4 places to buy bait in the Hammock, not counting Captain's!