One more time …

Take Action!

Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Monday May 6, @ 9:00 am

County Commissioner Chambers,

1769 E. Moody Boulevard, Bldg 2, Bunnell:

Help fill the County Commissioner Chambers in Bunnell for what may be our last chance to prevent expansion of Captain’s BBQ in taxpayer-purchased Bing’s Landing County Park.  In 1988, 2002 and 2008 voters overwhelmingly approved an increase to their property taxes so that the County could purchase environmentally sensitive property.  Bing’s Landing was the first ESL purchase.  Would voters have approved an increase to their taxes in order to provide a stunningly beautiful public location for a private enterprise to build a large restaurant and bar?  Filling the County Commission Chambers for this meeting is crucial because some Commissioners think there are more people who are FOR this expansion than AGAINST it.  We need you to get out of bed, put on your green shirt and bring your friends to show them differently.

The Park needs you!