Sep 16 - Beachwalk comes up again at Commissioners Meeting

Beachwalk Development IS BACK:

The Beachwalk proposed rezoning and site plan approval will resurface at the Monday, September 16 Board of Commissioners meeting, 5:00 PM at the Board Chambers in Bunnell. It will be "untabled" and therefore will come up for a vote in order to "put it to bed."

HCA opposes this project because it adds about 14 more homes than would be allowed with the current zoning. This adds additional traffic and extends evacuation times.

Please come out to support our opposition by wearing a green shirt. Numbers represent power and will influence this vote!

Location: A1A & Jungle Hut Rd - July 15 Backup material for Commissioners
Density: 50 Homes on 12.44 acres (50-foot lots)
Traffic estimate: 571 trips/day (with 54 homes)